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Applications are the main category of software, referring to programs written for a specific application purpose for the user, such as text processors, spreadsheets, accounting applications, browsers, media players, aviation flight simulators, command-line games, image editing device, etc. Corresponding to it is the system software whose main function is to drive the computer to run. In other words, the application software can directly complete the work of the end user. In a sense, the system software serves the application software, and the application software really directly provides the user's work.

Application software may be bundled with the computer and its system software, or it may be distributed separately, and may be written as private, open source, or general-purpose projects. [3] Applications written for mobile platforms are called mobile applications.

From the current state of computer application, there are various application software in the industry, and many experts have proposed a variety of different application software classification methods from different angles.

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